What We Learnt From Living Abroad

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Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. I love to go on holiday and lie on a beach somewhere, I love to go backpacking on a shoestring budget and I love playing the tourist both at home and abroad. But, it’s all a whole other kettle of fish when you’re actually living abroad.

The lessons you learn about life, about the world and most significantly about yourself, are invaluable. You don’t just visit a place and learn about it; you become part of it. To better explain how living abroad changes and challenges you, I asked a couple of fellow travel bloggers what living abroad taught them:

Megan Roughley – Where My Travels Take Me

Living Abroad Megan Roughley
Living Abroad: Megan Roughley, Where My Travels Take Me

I am fortunate that my family instilled in me the passion for travel. Read more

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