Lake Bacalar | Things to do at Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico

Sunrise Standup Paddleboarding on Lake Bacalar - The Best Things to do in Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico

Lake Bacalar, also known as the Lake of Seven Colours, is one of the most beautiful places I visited during my three months in Mexico (and maybe ever). From swimming with fishes in the Cenote Azul and taking part in watersports and activities, to lakeside hotels where you can relax and soak up the weather – this is a guide to the best things to do in Bacalar Lagoon, Quintana Roo:

  • – The best things to do in Bacalar
  • – Lake Bacalar accommodation
  • – Bacalar restaurants: where to eat and drink
  • When to visit Bacalar: weather and peak season
  • – Getting to and from Bacalar
  • – My experience at Lake Bacalar

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The Best Mexico City Bookstores for Books in English

Best bookstores in Mexico City for English Books - El Pendulo

I have an addiction. I arrive in a new city and plan to see the sights, but when I stumble across a bookshop en route, I can’t help but pop in “for five minutes”. Several hours later, I leave with my purse much lighter and my backpack significantly heavier. Yet, despite my lack of Spanish, this has not stopped me in Mexico – “Tiene novelas en Ingles?” And through my illness, I have discovered the best Mexico City bookstores (for books in English, that is!)… Read more

A Tale of Two Earthquakes in Mexico City

earthquakes in mexico city cover

So, in my short time in Mexico I have managed to survive not one, but two major earthquakes in Mexico City. Of course, there have always been earthquakes in Mexico City and in Mexico in general, but these were some of the biggest that the country has seen. This is the story about what happened to me during and after both of these huge earthquakes in Mexico City.

Before I start, if you are looking for practical advice about what to do during earthquakes in Mexico City, then please read Northern Lauren’s The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Earthquake Etiquette. The first part is tongue-in-cheek (and a hilarious read), but there’s also some important and practical information about what to do during earthquakes at the end. Read more

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