An Osaka day, told through the medium of, Japanese haiku

Odes to Osaka

Travelling Japan,

No time for any blogging,

Keep it short and sweet.

Tenno-ji Temple

Tenno-ji Temple

Tenno-ji temple,

Oldest temple in Japan,

Inside scaffolding.

Wandering the streets

Drain cover

A city where even,

The drain covers are pretty,

And sweetly painted.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle,

Rebuilt 1931,

Ancient history?

Castle cosplay

Castle cosplay

Inside the castle,

Two kids are playing dress-up,

So? It’s cultural!

Umeda Sky Building – Floating Gardens

Umeda Sky Building

The sun dips down low,

Endless orange horizon,

Ignites the city.



Neon noise, strange smells,

Vending machine pork ramen,

And floating fugu.

Japan’s Kitchen


Oh, tako-yaki,

Octo-pancakey promise,

Yet, tako-yucky.



Canals and cyclists,

What are you Osaka-shi?

Asia’s Amsterdam?

And now…

Tenno-ji temple, Osaka

Farewell, Osaka,

Hello Kobe, Nara,

Kyoto, Tokyo…

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