27 Trips on my Travel Bucket List, 27th Birthday Wanderlust Edition

My Travel Bucket List - Cover

The thing about travel is that the more you do, the more you want to see. It’s addictive. And with each trip, the wanderlust grows stronger. It’s not just itchy feet any more, I’m itchy all over, body and soul! And so, to celebrate my 27th Birthday (happy birthday to me!) I thought I’d share 27 places I have on my world travel bucket list.

Here’s to the next 27 years and ticking them off one by one!

1. India

World Travel Bucket List - India

India has been on my world travel bucket list for a long time. I would love to spend at least a month in the country: the Golden Triangle, the Taj Mahal, Hindu temples, the Ganges… if I could time my visit for Diwali or Holi, even better. Everyone I know who has been has said that’s India is incredible. Plus, as a Brummy curry connoisseur, I’d love to discover what authentic Indian food actually tastes like.

2. China and Taiwan

World Travel Bucket List - China

Yes, I may have spent the last five years in Hong Kong, but I only crossed the border into Mainland China twice and bypassed Taiwan altogether. I’d love to spend a month (or three) really exploring China, beyond Beijing and Shenzhen; getting out of the cities and seeing the natural landscape too.

3. The Trans-Siberian or Trans-Manchurian express.

World Travel Bucket List - Russia

On that note, I’d love to travel to and/or from China to Europe via land. Hopping on and off and exploring different places on the way, seeing Russia and of course, watching the world pass me by out of the train compartment window.

4. Southeast Asia (again)

World Travel Bucket List - Laos

What did I just say about travel begetting travel? Despite taking seven weeks to backpack around this corner of the globe, it just made me hungry for more. I crammed so much into those few weeks, including Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Saigon and Bali. But, I wished I’d had more time.

I’d love to return again in a few years, with three to six months to spare and a little bit more money too. That would give me the chance to discover less touristy places outside of the cities and really see Southeast Asia proper.

5. The All American Road Trips (plural)

World Travel Bucket List - US

I already have a US road trip in the works with two of my best and oldest friends, planned for the summer. However, our choice of destinations means that we may just be flying from destination to destination rather than driving!

The US has such a diverse landscape, epic national parks, exciting cities and places such varied personalities that I don’t think I’d be content to just do one in my lifetime. My travel bucket list includes trips along the east coast, west coast, the deep south, Route 66, the ‘Thelma and Louise’ route, to name but a few.

6. Hawaii

World Travel Bucket List - Hawaii

One place I certainly won’t be able to conquer on a US road trip is Hawaii! I find these little islands fascinating. So far from anything else, slap bang in the middle of the Pacific, they’re a geographical miracle. Plus, Hawaii has everything: beaches, culture, bustling cities, good surf, hikes, volcanoes… the works!

7. A Cruise

World Travel Bucket List - Cruise

Cruises have a bit of a reputation for being all about luxury and appealing to an older crowd, but I’m intrigued by them. I’m pretty sure I was a pirate in a previous life, so spending days at sea and hopping on and off in different countries every day sounds like my kind of deal.

Though not strictly a ‘cruise’, a trip working on the Peace Boat would be awesome. Or maybe I should get a job working on a cruise ship?

8. A tour of former British colonies

World Travel Bucket List - Gibraltar

The fact that the British Empire once covered a ridiculous proportion of the globe fascinates and disturbs me. After spending so long in Hong Kong, I’d love to visit every single former British colony and discover more about the history of these places.

9. A year in Singapore

World Travel Bucket List - Singapore

After visiting a couple of yeas ago, I’ve not been quiet about my love for Singapore and I just know that one day I’ll be back. Though not everyone’s cup of tea, I fell hard for this east-meets-west-mix-of-everything city. My travel bucket list also includes places I’d not just like to visit, but places I’d also like to live in. At least a year in Singapore is high on my list of things to do.

10. A year in Berlin

World Travel Bucket List - Berlin

In a similar vein, on the completely opposite side of the planet, would be a year living in Berlin. While working for an international property investment firm a couple of years ago, I did a fair bit of research into Berlin and became completely obsessed.

It’s somewhere that has such a tragic modern history. Where else in the world can you find a capital city that was split down the middle and divided for so many years, before being brought back together?

11. North Korea (maybe)

World Travel Bucket List - North Korea

I’m definitely wary of this one being on my travel bucket list, but I admit that I am kinda interested. Whether it’s a good idea to enter North Korea as a tourist and essentially fund the regime remains a controversial topic. However, I am a firm believer in tourists being ‘Trojan horses’ – going somewhere, seeing the truth and reporting back to the outside world.

12. The Seven Wonders of the World

World Travel Bucket List - Wonders

I know that I can hardly have the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World on my travel bucket list when not many of them exist anymore, but that’s not going to stop me. In addition, I’m already two up on the New7Wonders of the World (the Great Wall of China and the Colosseum). Then, of course, there’s the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. So, the 21 wonders then. Yep, I’d like to see those!

13. A pre-Brexit couchsurfing tour of Europe

World Travel Bucket List - Brussels

With this whole article 50 thing going back and forth, who knows when Brexit will finally be put into action. However, I’d love to make the most of my EU passport while I still can by touring all the countries within the EU before the deadline. Even better would be to couchsurf along the way, staying with locals and talking to them about Brexit.

14. Egypt

World Travel Bucket List - Egypt

I have always loved learning about Ancient Egypt, ever since I studied it at school. I am desperate to see the pyramids and the Sphinx for myself.

15. South Africa

World Travel Bucket List - South Africa

Aside from the fact that I could listen to the South African accent all day long, the more I learnt about this country, the more I’m itching to visit. Surfing in Cape Town, beach penguins, Table Mountain, the Big 5, Zulu battlefields… the list goes on. Ja, it will be hectic bruh, but also lekker!

16. The rest of Africa!

World Travel Bucket List - Tanzania

This is such a cop out when the continent is so huge, but man, I want to see everything that Africa has to offer. It would take me at least year, but I’d love to drive around; starting in Morocco and ending in South Africa. So much to see, so much to do, so little time!

17. South America

World Travel Bucket List - Iguazu

Also a cop-out, but if I’m going down to South America, then I don’t want to leave until I’ve seen every last bit! I’d Bear Grylls it and trek through Amazonian rainforest, I’d tick off Machu Pichu from my seven wonders list, marvel at Bolivian salt flats and chase waterfalls like the epic Iguazu Falls.

18. Costa Rica and Nicaragua

World Travel Bucket List - Costa Rica

These two little green gems are also fairly recent additions to my travel bucket list. If there’s jungle to explore, wildlife to spot and adventures to have, then I’m there.

19. The Caribbean

World Travel Bucket List - Caribbean

Oh, while we’re down that way, could we also take a little tour around the Caribbean? You know, just spend a few weeks on a few select paradise beaches, drinking rum and listening to reggae? Basically, just pretending I’m a millennial Captain Jack Sparrow.

20. The Pacific Islands

World Travel Bucket List - Fiji

And one more little cluster of islands that is definitely on my world travel bucket list are the Pacific Islands. Fiji, Tonga, Guam… these places have always sounded so exotic and far away to me.

21. Australia and New Zealand

World Travel Bucket List - Australia

I’ve had a little taste of Oz with a trip to Melbourne, but I’d like to go back and see more of the country. I find the indigenous history of Australia and Maori culture really interesting. Plus, it would be amazing to head right into the bush and see the stars from somewhere less affected by light pollution.

22. The Northern and Southern Lights

World Travel Bucket List - Iceland

I feel like Iceland actually goes without saying because it’s so beautiful and so in vogue as a travel destination at the moment. But, as well as seeing the Northern Lights in iceland, I’d also love to see the Southern Lights to compare.

23. Canada

World Travel Bucket List - Canada

Canada in winter? Beautiful. Canada in summer? Beautiful. Canada in general? Beautiful. Justin Trudeau? Nuff said. I’m keeping my eye on a working tourist visa for Canada in the next couple of years, but I’ve also met someone who cycled across the country too. Obviously that’s more of a summer thing, but when Canada has so much natural beauty, traversing the country by bike sounds and looks amazing.

24. Being a tourist in my own country

World Travel Bucket List - UK

One thing that travelling makes me appreciate is seeing my own country with new eyes. I’d love to spend at least a year living in London, to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End and also to cycle the entire coast of the British Isles. I desperately need to make it to Northern Ireland, to see more of Scotland outside of Edinburgh and visit all those famous British places that I still haven’t got around to. Like Stonehenge, Stratford, Liverpool, Blackpool, Brighton, the Lake District…

25. The Middle East

World Travel Bucket List - Middle East

My recent stopover in Doha, Qatar, has ignited a keen interest in the Middle East. Of course, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are big tourist destinations, but I’m also looking for more than that. Although it may not be the best of ideas at present, seeing other travel bloggers in Pakistan and Afghanistan have made me want to visit these places and their gorgeous blue-tiled mosques too. I just may need to wait a little while…

26. Antarctica

World Travel Bucket List - Antarctica

If there’s one thing that I can guarantee is high up on my travel bucket list, it’s whale watching. And what better place to track the world’s biggest and most majestic creatures than in one of the most majestic places?

27. Eco tour

World Travel Bucket List - Cycling

Finally, I realise that all this air travel is really doing nothing good for the environment. I’d really love to follow in the footsteps of travellers such as Devi Lockwood, to take a year travelling the world with a minimal carbon footprint to see whether it really can be done.


So… everywhere. Basically, my ultimate world travel bucket list includes everywhere! And maybe the moon. Now to just save up the money to actually get to these places…!

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