The Girl Who Became a Hummingbird [poem]

The girl who became a hummingbird (poem)

Shaky beginnings,
Legs quivering,
Fingers vibrating like plucked cello strings,
The vibrato rises, trembles,
The opera opens.

A turquoise-gold blur of liquid transformation,
An Icarus-dance of feathers and phoenix flames,
Melting like wax in the hungry waves of the sun.

A metallic kaleidoscope.
Neon laughter.

And then…

A dip,
A southbound angel-dive,
A zig-zag lightning dart,
A freedom,
A fall,
Tossing in corkscrew curls,
An electricity,
An adrenaline.

The hum rises,
A heartbeat purring,
Thundering to a diesel-engine crescendo.

Wings outstretched, beating hard,
Drum in my chest, beating hard,
Sun on my upturned face, beating hard,
Bass note of this city, beating hard,

She is desperately alive.


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