#40Days40Blogs | This Lent, I’m Giving Up Being Unproductive


This Lent period I’m giving up being unproductive with a #40Days40Blogs challenge. Got myself a little hashtag there and everything, so you know it’s a totally real and not made-up thing.

What are you talking about, Amy?


I thought that by moving back to the UK this winter I would finally have time to write. I am no longer travelling; I’m sitting still for a little while. Half-funemployed, half-freelancing. I’m still adjusting (read: shivering) to the grey British weather, which means I’m spending a lot of time indoors. I have nowhere to be or go. I have access Wifi and good coffee.

So, I should have all this time to write, right?


So, what are you actually doing with your time, Amy?


My priorities line up in an order something like this:

  1. 1. Amy, you need a job. Write some job applications.
  2. 2. Amy, you need money. Juggle three part-time jobs and freelance work.
  3. 3. Amy, you need to eat something. Coffee and wine are not food groups.
  4. 4. Amy, you need to actually spend time with friends and family. That was the point of coming back to the UK, right?
  5. 5. Amy, you really need to shower.
  6. 6. Amy, you need to sleep. No, staring at the ceiling and worrying about your future doesn’t count as sleep.
  7. 7. Amy, of course you can’t sleep after looking at your computer screen for 13 straight hours. Read a book. Watch Gilmore Girls. Chill the fuck out.
  8. 8. Oh, Amy, you haven’t worked on your blog in a while… maybe you should work on that.

It turns out that being funemployed does not mean that I have time to laze around in my pyjamas watching Jeremy Kyle all day. Who knew?

What has this got to do with #40Days40Blogs?


Well, I’m not expecting to suddenly find an extra five hours in my day to work on my blog. But, I can use this blog, social media and the few people who actually read it to hold me accountable to working on it.

I can’t call myself a travel blogger if I’m barely posting bi-monthly content on here. I have a whole load of stuff sitting around; journals from my travels, half-finished posts on my laptop and blog ideas scribbled in notepads. I need to get it up and I’m calling on your to support and help me do it.

And what has this got to do with Lent?


Oh, it pretty much has nothing to do with Lent except that Lent is good timing and a good length. And I like pancakes. Plus, y’know, What Would Jesus Do?

OK, so what are the rules of #40Days40Blogs?


I will post one blog every day (starting today) for each of the 40 days of Lent. They can be on anything, including guest posts and collaborations from other bloggers. This will continue from 1st March to 15th April, which is the day before Easter Sunday.

Like with Lent, I will give myself Sundays off. I will tag all these posts with #40Days40Blogs and you, dear reader, will nag me if you see me lagging. Sound fair?


Feel free to join me in my challenge, offer your services with your own writing, or simply send some words of encouragement. Or pictures of baby animals for motivation.

See you on the other side of 40 days… #40Days40Blogs



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